How come?

How come you only feel like writing late at night?

I don’t know what time it is were ever you lovely people are, but here in Sweden it’s about ten past eleven in the evening, I’ve never learned the whole am pm thing you americans use.

Any way, I’ve had the whole day off (ok so were still moving in to our new apartment, unpacking and stuff) but still, I’ve spent most of the day in front of the computer (NO really what a surprise! *NOT*) and I’ve just now started to write.

And this writing fic thing, you get obsessed don’t you?

I can’t stop, I ´keep hearing dialogs and seeing scenarios in my head all the bloody time, dose it ever stop???

Oh well, I should get back to writing, I’m staling because I’m in the process of starting to write my first ever graphic NC-17 slash scene. Al tough it looks really yummy in my head, I just hope I can get it down on paper, or in this case screen.

Have a great day, night, morning, evening etc

Hugs and smooches


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