Hi *waves*

Um… just realized that I didn’t let you guy’s know I was going away for two weeks (oh ho you’ve all suffered… not.).. so, hey you know what I’ve just been in England for two weeks.

I went with my mom and we’ve had a great time, ten day’s in London and five day’s in St. Ive’s, Cornwall.

Of course… nice weather, great food, nice people, pretty, pretty shoes, camden market, portobello market = a very broke Xenodike… but then, I don’t get to London that often so what the hell,it’s not like I’m going to be doing anything else then work this summer anyway.

On another note, a tricky question for you… how long is long enough to have waited for a story to be betad? I sent two stories to my beta a while back, and on the 21st of May she wrote back that she was going to have a look at them that same night… and that’s the last I’ve heard of her. Then maybe three weeks later I wrote and asked her if everything was ok since she’d been having some problems opening up the documents and I still haven’t heard anything.

Now I always find these things really hard, I mean it’s not like I have a deadline… and I hate to rush betas and always tell them to take their time because honestly they really don’t have to help me and still they do. Besides that I would feel so shitty saying two moths in “sorry you took to long I’m going to some one else” when they might have already put a lot of work on my stories. But the thing is I have two stories that are finished and have been for quite some time, and I’m feeling completely blocked with all my other stories because I feel like these two aren’t finished so I can’t move on.

Anyway, my question is when is it ok to say, thanks but no thanks and look for someone else?

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