Rainy Day’s and Life

Raindrops keep falling on my head… or actually it’s pouring down making it impossible to go out unless you want to be completely soaked in less the 30 seconds… and I’m loving it.

The downside about living in a country where the summer is so short is that when it’s finlay warm and sunny you feel obligated to go outside and “enjoy” it. Now, being me I don’t really enjoy sweating or lying down outside trying to cook my self. So I stay inside… so what’s the problem, well other peoples constant nagging… you have to go out side, why aren’t you out side, let’s go outside… blah… but now it’s raining and has been doing so for three day’s and lucky for me that equals no nagging.

Speaking of luck, a few day’s ago I made a bid on a swedish auction site for a limited edition season 1 and 2 Supernatural box. Now I have no money so my bid was really low but I won, I got the whole box for 73 dollars. Which I guess doesn’t sound like such a big deal but since the dollar is so low compared to our currency the swedish krona right now I can tell you that it really isn’t a lot of money here in sweden. So, YAY!

Other then that nothing much has happened, last week I attended the baptism of my friends youngest, now last time I went to a baptism (for her second child) I wrote this long rant: http://xenodike.livejournal.com/2006/05/28/ about the whole thing, so i won’t do it again. Now I would have loved to say to my friend I’m not going to come to the church, I’ll come before and while you’re at the church I’ll arrange things back at the house, making coffee etc… but the sneaky little thing… before me and my other friend H who feels the same if not even stronger about the whole thing could say it she dropped a big bomb saying that she had chosen the two of us to be his godmothers… now, religious or not how can you say no to a thing like that?

I love those kids to death and it is a great honor especially considering how big a family she has but instead of picking any of them she picked us. So the only thing left to do was to get a grip and go to church of course, since we where godmothers, we couldn’t even sink down in the benches at the back of the church trying to get through the ceremony with out laughing, now we had to be up there with them smiling and nodding as the priest solemnly explained to us that we where now in charge of the child’s christian upbringing… yeah, not the best two candidates…

But in the end it was ok, the ceremony was short and we had a great time after, the only downside was the I had been working for 30 hours before and then had to work another 12 after.

Fic wise I have the sexshop.com part 21 with a beta, now I have a big chunk of 22 as well, the problem is that I can’t come up with a toy… any requests?

Ok, that’s it for me…



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