Quick question, what do you think about Finding a beta in the Buffy fandom is not the easiest thing anymore and I found a really long list on their site, but I’ve heard so many bad things about it (basically that they’re all a bunch of flamers with nothing better to do then to complain about LJ), is it true? Should I stay away or have I just got it totally wrong?

Hope everyone’s ok; we’re being privatized in two weeks so things are crazy at work. I’m hoping it will slowdown in a while. It’s not like I work more the usual, it’s just that a lot of staff are not going to work for the new company and apparently once you’ve decided that you don’t have to do shit for the entire time you have left… isn’t that just great…not.

And it’s pissing me off because when I get home or when I have a day off I’m just so tired from dealing with concerned family or whatever and I have stuff to do. I have porn to write and read! I have the entire season one of True Blood sitting on my hard drive and damn it, I have a life here! Stupid work!!!

Anyway, miss you all, I’m so glad I’m going back to school in august, maybe then I can get my life back.



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