Looong update

I don’t update enough… So what’s happened over the last few weeks?

The renovation is mostly done, all the work is finished but my mom and her man is going all the way with new furniture and stuff.

What else, well work is busy now, as you might remember or not because it’s boring we’ve been taken over by a private entrepreneur who now gets paid to run my branch instead of the county. So far it’s been a positive experience, but there’s a lot of things that needs doing. Ever since it first got decided that we would be taken over about two years ago the county has just let everything go and not shown any interest in being present or deal with issues that has come up so we’re busy, but in a good way so far. But it’s going to take some getting used to suddenly having a manager who’s present we’ve been so used to doing thing on our own for a long time now so suddenly having to ask for permission is a bit strange and annoying.

Another good thing is that it’s finally starting to look like we might be able to get rid of that stupid incompetent bitch I’ve been complaining about. We’ve started recording everything she does wrong and hopefully we’ll have enough to get rid of her soon. But it’s hard, this is Sweden and getting someone fired is almost impossible, that’s the downside of having a strong union and extensive laws protecting workers.

What else, I went to my island over the weekend (two weekends ago, again with the not updating enough) saw my dad and my grandfather, on my mother side, I wish you had a good way of telling them a part in English. In sweden we say morfar and farfar which roughly translated would be something like mom-dad and dad-dad it sound a lot better in Swedish, I think I’ve heard people in the south in America using Mawmaw and Pawpaw? It’s kind of like that.

But most of the time I spent with my friend H who’s moved back permanently, she just didn’t like living in Stockholm so she’s back there. It’s good for her, she’s a lot happier but not so good for us since we now have half the Baltic Sea separating us.

I went to a Bruce Springsteen concert on Friday; I bought the tickets as a 50th birthday present for my mom. It was amazing, the Boss rocked so hard! He’s one hot guy! All 59 years of him.

I’ve finished Watching True Blood, I love it! Can’t wait for June 14th and June 15th when leverage starts up again. I’m missing my weekly routine of having shows to watch. Also, I miss supernatural terribly! Continuing on the TV theme, I’m so disappointed in the Bones finally! It was just a way to easy way out, they better fix it next season or I think they’re going to lose viewers.

And talking about True Blood, I’ve just started reading the first Sookie Stockhouse novel, I’m not sure I like it but it’s in Swedish, I usually prefer reading books who’s originally in English in English, the translation is almost always bad so I’m waiting on passing a judgment until I can get a hold of one in English.

Writing wise I’m working on my fic for xmas_n_july I was going to do the Librarian but finishing it was a lost cause so I’m taking my angsty Spangle and are now trying my best to turn a finished 7000 word story into a 10.000 words. It’s looking pretty good. But I’m just been so restless lately, I can’t get myself to sit down and write…

Overall I’m just restless and apathetic at the same time, but I think a lot of it has to do with me waiting for answers on my applications to university, I want to know if I’ll be able to get some studying done this fall.

Anyway, that’s about it. Not much more to say right now. I’m waiting for CSI to finish so my mom and her man will go to bed so I can get some writing done. I know it’s stupid but I just can’t write when they’re awake.

Edit: Oh, of course I woted yesterday, the whole EU thing.

Edit 2: ehm, also Sims 3 has sort of taken over my life…

Love you all.

pink flowers

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