Bookie, Showbie or Trubie???

I saw his post on the HBO True Blood forum today and it got me thinking.

I was thinking, in light of the increase in animosity toward AB from people who believe he isnt doing a good enough job or sticking closer to the book story line. Do you think the show will lose some viewers? I consider myself a “Trubie”, which IMO is a fan of the books and well as the show. I like the books better but am entertained by the show. However if AB does indeed screw up book 4 S4 I am gone. The show at present has 12.7 million viwers a week. So where do you fit in?

I know my mom is bothered by the changes AB are making while I’m not at all really. Now I started reading the books after one marathon sitting of the first season, and finished them all quickly. But anyway, I think the reason I’m not bothered by it is because I’m not expecting them to be the same.

The books are all written from one person (sookies) perspective and to have some sort of character development for any other character then her you just have to add storylines, you can’t base character development on Sookies opinion and views of them, you have to know what happens with them when she’s not in the room.

Also, AB has to take in to account how the characters develops in the fan community, and I for one am really glad he/ the writers are doing so, without that we’d barley have any Pam and still very little Eric. Also, the books are cute, True Blood is not cute, if AB had followed the books religiously we’d not be having the show we do now.

Also, Tara is mentioned very briefly in the books, Terry is basically nonexistent, Arleen, Russell, Talbot, The Queen, Jason, and so on all of them are minor figures who exist only in the light sookie views them.

The doesn’t mean that I don’t have expectations or that I don’t expect certain plotlines to be there, if he’d changed everything I’d be pissed as well, but the way I see it now , the main plot is still there, things have been changed around and new plots have been added but only to be able to bring the show and its characters forward in a format that’s suitable for TV – TV and Books are not the same and you can’t, you just can’t take a (10) books and copy them exactly to TV.

(one thing I’m pretty irritated about is the whole Claudine thing – for those of you who haven’t read the books I won’t spoil you – but for those of you who have – jeez, she’s supposed to be a sexy, saucy things, who’s that frump?)

So I guess I’m a truebi, but one who loves both the books and the show but for different reason and doesn’t expect them to be the same.

It’s like claiming to love both BtvS and AtS and then threatening to stop watching Angel because Angel isn’t exactly like he is on Buffy.

Oh well,

Kisses to you all.

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