Time For A Change

So this stared out as a comment on Jamie’s I’m back post but then it came out a bit long so I ‘m posting it as a short update instead.

So I didn’t get the group manager position which I’m frankly very happy about. I’m not ready. But I’m glad I went through the process, I got really good feed-back from my boss about my skills but it also confirmed what I already know. I don’t want any responsibility for staff, I’ll happily do administrative duties and other fun stuff but staff, no.

What it really did was help me figure out that I’m done with the place I work, I’ve been debating leaving for quite awhile mostly because I feel like I’ve come as far as I can and this experience really cemented that for me. It’s time I do something new, new challenges and new opportunities.

It’s scary as hell and I don’t quite know how I’ll be able to leave my girls but it’s time. So for the first time in over 8 years I’m now looking for a job… which is kind of scary considering that apart from this manager position that I honestly applied for more because people told me I should then because I really wanted to, I’ve never applied and been turned down for a job, I’ve always gotten every job I’ve wanted so.. yeah scary, what if I find I job I want and they don’t want me?

What else, it’s summer, yeah, yeah sun and all that but for me it mostly means work is chaos and I work a lot more then usually because everyone is on vacation and we don’t have enough temps. But I’m heading off to my Island for a week this Sunday so I get a small break.

Other than that, I’ve had some drinks, had a friend over for dinner, gone crazy about the fact that I can’t seem to write a short fic anymore and beating myself up about the fact that I now seem to be working on three long fic’s at once… one being Dean/Michael/Lucifer !?!
But one the other hand I’m closing in on 3000 readers on my J2 fic over at that’s a real surprise so I guess I’m doing something right.

So, not really anything special to talk about…

But anyway, here you have it.


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