Happy Mail: More Discworld Collectibles

I love collecting.

But, I always feel somewhat uncomfortable writing these kind of posts. My over-analyzing brain starts playing out scenarios about people being offended for a multitude of reasons. I’ve decided I’m going to stop that.

This is a blog about the stories I love. Collecting things inspired by those stories are a big part of my life. I’m not pushing anyone to buy things, or endorsing crap I would never purchase myself. I’m simply sharing things that make my nerdy little heart happy.

In October 2018, I wrote this post about a few Discworld collectibles I’d recently acquired. In it, I showed a figurine of Great A’Tuin made by the Discworld Emporium.  Since then I’ve made a few more purchases with the same website.

My aunt’s favorite Discworld character is The Luggage.

I’d been eyeing this figurine for months, and last Christmas (I know, I move fast) I was able to give it to her.

The Luggage is a supporting character in the Rincewind books, you can read my reviews of some of them, HERE & HERE.

I didn’t get a picture of it, but the top actually comes off. There is a small space inside for a tiny trinket, or two. Look at those feet, it’s so adorable.

Like the Great A’Tuin figurine, it’s sculpted by artist Richard Kingston. It’s hand cast in resin with a polish made from powdered bronze. It measures 110 x 115mm and is priced at 50£.

There is another version of this figurine which, instead of a bronze has a painted wood finish (presumably in the likeness of Sapient Pearwood).  It’s a matter of personal taste, but I prefer the metallic finish.

Because we are a family of like-minded individuals, I also picked up a present for one of my cousins who, having been indoctrinated since birth, is also a big Discworld fan.

I bought him these Assassins Guild Cufflinks. If you want to know more about the Assassins Guild, you can read my review of Pyramids.

Discworld Emporium Cufflinks

The cufflinks are crafted in pewter by the firm A.E Williams Pewter. If you want a closer look, you can find better pictures at Discworld Emporiums website HERE

They depict the Assassins Guilds coat of arms and their motto: NIL MORTIFI, SINE LVCRE (No killing without pay) The cufflinks are priced at 16.50£.

As I suspected, these gifts were a great success. We’re a family of nerds, and things like these make our hearts beat a little faster.

In the past few months, I also bought a little something for myself.

This Great A’Tuin silver pendant and chain.

I’m not really a necklace person; I usually get annoyed and feel constricted. But this pendant is fairly small and light. It measures approx 20 x 18mm, and the chain measures 455mm (18 inches).

This means that, on me, the pendant sits fairly high right below the hollow of my neck so it doesn’t “dangle” and get in the way. Since I bought it at the beginning of the summer, it’s become one of my favorite pieces of jewelry and I wear it almost every day.

If you don’t like silver, there is a gold plated option however, it’s more expensive at 55£ instead of 45£ for the sterling silver one.

My Discworld collection is slowly growing.

Even though the majority of my most recent purchase haven’t been for me I’m still really happy with what I’ve bought.

Of course, there was that that DEATH figurine I got for myself, but I’m not ready to talk about what happened to that. On that note, if you do decide to buy one of the figurines for yourself be aware that, although good quality, they’re fragile. Do not drop them on the floor. You’ll cry.

Because Terry Pratchett was so restrictive with his merchandise licensing, I always feel satisfied when I buy a Discworld collectible. The quality is always above standard. You can tell that these are items designed and created by real fans of the Discworld. They feel genuine.

I’ve now done three separate purchase with Discworld Emporium and I’m really happy with their products, service and shipping. The packaging is always so thoughtful with a lovely personal touch.

Depending on your wallet these collectibles, especially the figurines, can feel pricey. Personally, these are items that I have to plan, save and budget for before making a purchase. But, considering the quality and craftsmanship I think it’s well-worth the money.

If you’re a Discworld fan and interested in collecting, it’s a definite must.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Everything shown is purchased on my initiative, for my own money. For more information read my Rating & Review Policy.

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