Q&A # 3

This has been goinga round Tumblr.  Go ahead, I’ll play. Ask me. 

If a question has a link, I’ve answered it already. 

New ask game for writers

1. Favorite place to write.

2. Favorite part of writing.

3. Least favorite part of writing.

4. Do you have writing habits or rituals?

5. Books or authors that influenced your style the most.

6. Favorite character you ever created.

7. Favorite author.

8. Favorite trope to write.

9. Least favorite trope to write.

10. Pick a writer to co-write a book with and tell us what you’d write about.

11. Describe your writing process from scratch to finish.

12. How do you deal with self-doubts?

13. How do you deal with writers block?

14. What’s the most research you ever put into a book?

15. Where does your inspiration come from?

16. Where do you take your motivation from?

17. On avarage, how much writing do you get done in a day?

18. What’s your revision or rewriting process like?

19. First line of a WIP you’re working on.

20. Post a snippet of a WIP you’re working on.

21. Post the last sentence you wrote in one of your WIP’s.

22. How many drafts do you need until you’re satisfied and a project is ultimately done for you?

23. Single or multi POV, and why?

24. Poetry or prose, and why?

25. Linear or non-linear, and why?

26. Standalone or series, and why?

27. Do you share rough drafts or do you wait until it’s all polished? 28. And who do you share them with?

29. Who do you write for?

30. Favorite line you’ve ever written.

31. Hardest character to write.

32. Easiest character to write.

33. Do you listen to music when you’re writing?

34. Handwritten notes or typed notes?

35. Tell some backstory details about one of your characters in your story ________.

36. A spoiler for story _________.

37. Most inspirational quote you’ve ever read or heard that’s still important to you.

38. Have you shared your outline of your story ________ with someone? If so, what did they think of it?

39. Do you base your characters of real people or not? If so, tell us about one.

40. Original Fiction or Fanfiction, and why?

41. How many stories do you work on at one time?

42. How do you figure out your characters looks, personality, etc.

43. Are you an avid reader?

44. Best piece of feedback you’ve ever gotten.

45. Worst piece of feedback you’ve ever gotten.

46. What would your story _______ look like as a tv show or movie? 47. Do you start with characters or plot when working on a new story?

48. Favorite genre to write in.

49. What do you find the hardest to write in a story, the beginning, the middle or the end?

50. Weirdest story idea you’ve ever had.

51. Describe the aesthetic of your story _______ in 5 sentences or words.

52. How did writing change you?

53. What does writing mean to you?

54. Any writing advice you want to share?

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