I’m Leaving Twitter

I don’t give a shit about Elon Musk. He’s not the reason I’m leaving Twitter fandom. For so long, I’ve felt like something was missing; I’ve been dissatisfied, bored, and disillusioned by the whole experience. I even left fandom for a long time, three years. I returned because I missed it; I missed writing fanfiction.

The Silmarillion: It’s not as scary as you think

I tried to read The Simarillion about fifteen years ago. I opened it, read maybe five pages and gave up. One of my reading goals this year was to try again. I did. It turns out The Silmarillion is not as scary as I thought.

New Beginnings

Welcome to It’s a merger of my fandom LiveJournal, which I started in 2005, and a book blog I started here on WordPress in 2017. That’s why, despite this being my first official post here, you’ll find entries going back almost seventeen years.

Santa Paula: The Road So Far # 5

It’s been two and half months since my last update, and I still haven’t completed the first draft. But, I do have a complete second draft of the first three acts—the finished story will have four acts. With the way Santa Paula is structured, I wanted to get a good grasp of the character’s journeys and the…

Santa Paula — The Road So Far # 4

The Road So Far: Part 1 – Part 2 — Part 3 Draft: 1.5 Months in Progress: 8 Word Count: 70K-ish Estimated Final Word Count: 120K 130K (ish) Named Characters: 9 State-of-Mind: *blows raspberry* Number of references photos on my Pinterest: 84 194 228 255 Currently, yelling at myself: Peddle, Bitch. Peddle.  I’ve missed my…

Displaced and Frustrated

I’ve had to temporarily leave my apartment, my spacious, roomy, airy 800sqft apartment that is all mine. I moved out because the house is old, and the water damage around the shower drainage was no longer possible to ignore; it needed to be fixed.   

Don’t be a Drama-Cunt or How to be a Laidback Fangirl

At the moment, everywhere I turn, fandom seems to be filled with drama. I know it doesn’t feel like it, but those of us who’ve been in fandom a long time know i’s nothing new—drama comes and goes in waves. My approach is to stay out of it; I don’t engage in bullshit, I don’t…

Book Review: Queen of Storms

Queen of Storms is the second volume in Raymond E Feist’s trilogy, The Firemane Saga. The book picks up shortly after the end of the first volume, King of Ashes, with Hatu and Hava having settled down as innkeepers in Barons Landing.