I’m Leaving Twitter

I don't give a shit about Elon Musk. He's not the reason I'm leaving Twitter fandom. For so long, I've felt like something was missing; I've been dissatisfied, bored, and disillusioned by the whole experience. I even left fandom for a long time, three years. I returned because I missed it; I missed writing fanfiction.

New Beginnings

Welcome to Xenodike.com. It’s a merger of my fandom LiveJournal, which I started in 2005, and a book blog I started here on WordPress in 2017. That’s why, despite this being my first official post here, you’ll find entries going back almost seventeen years.


I've been thinking about this for a while, or more so reflecting on it. I've never been big on movies, the only time I'm really excited has been for the LOTR movies and other BIG productions like those. But I've still enjoyed watching movies even though I've always preferred tv-shows. But movies has always been … Continue reading BIG TV


I just had to do a quick post about the horrible events that has affected Haiti. The news report is up to over 100.000 dead, ONE-HUNDRED THOUSAND PEOPLE!!! And that’s now, that’s not even taking into account all the people buried under buildings, all the injured that might not survive their injuries. Not to mention … Continue reading Haiti