Santa Paula: The Road So Far # 5

It's been two and half months since my last update, and I still haven't completed the first draft. But, I do have a complete second draft of the first three acts—the finished story will have four acts. With the way Santa Paula is structured, I wanted to get a good grasp of the character's journeys and the major plot developments before I start writing the final act.

Santa Paula — The Road so Far # 2

Draft: 1 Months in Progress: 4,5 Word Count: 50K-ish Estimated Final Word Count: 120K 130K (ish) Named Characters: 5 State-of-Mind: Fine. I give up. Let's suck the joy out of everything and embrace the angst. Currently Researching: Dissociation. Vining vegetables. Squash Tunnels. Chicken breeds. Cover Crops. Bohemian Clothing. Silk Robes. Mexican food. Pig Breeds. Tequila … Continue reading Santa Paula — The Road so Far # 2