Happy Mail: Discworld Novels

I had to order books for school a while back. I don’t know how things work where you are, but here in Sweden student literature is pricy. Then, (because despite what the teacher says they’re not available at your local library) you buy the damn sixty dollar book that you’ve been told is vital and compulsory only to find out that out of those nine-hundred pages they want you to read twelve. It’s depressing.

As I was already logged in to my bookstore account and because I was depressed I felt I deserved a little pick-me-up. That pick-me-up came in the form of an additional five titles in the Discworld Library Edition. I love the look of these books.

If you’re curious about the Discworld novels HERE is my introductory post as well as links to my reviews of books in the series.  

Wyrd Sisters

There’s not a lot of foil details on this cover. I couldn’t get a picture that showed it at it’s best, but it’s the red flames under the kettle. Also, the green is a little too washed out and yellow, it’s more lime green.

Discworld Collectors Library: Wyrd Sisters


One of my favorite Discworld novels so far, but we’ll get to that when I review it. On this cover, the moon and details on the pyramid are in a silver foil.

Discworld Collectors Library: Pyramids

Guards, Guards

Absolutely gorgeous cover. The entire dragon is in a silver foil, and as on most of these books, the cover is repeated at the back as well.


Short but sweet with gold foil accents on The Luggage and the encircled symbols. Here you can see one of the significant drawbacks with this edition; the cover is very soft, so it gets damaged easily. Especially along the top and bottom of the spine and around the corners. The damage here is from the shipping if you have the opportunity to buy these in an actual bookshop I suggest you do.

Moving Pictures

Tackling this one at the moment, so far I think it’s one of the weaker novels in the series. On this cover, the statue in the middle has gold/bronze accents.

What do you think of the covers, do you have a favorite?

Ms. F

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