Just dropping by

God, my neck is killing me… I don’t know how I slept last night but obviously not in a good position since just turning my head makes me cringe.

Life is as it should be I suppose… work, computer, work, computer… friends, work, computer… basically the usual. Although I’ve been in a Sims 2 mood lately so I haven’t really been on LJ much. That game really is an addiction ad to that, that I can’t be a normal person and just play the god damn game… I have to download a million stuff and spend hours trying to figure out how to change the game to my liking.

Spring is really here and this weekend it was summer warm so I’m feeling pretty good. So good that I am in fact only a few sentences away from finishing a new sexshop.com chapter… which feels a little weird seeing as I haven’t really written anything (except for that other chapter I’ve been working on since I finished the last one… but nothing that has actually worked) in that verse for over a year. But it’s nice, I like it, it’s like meeting up with an old friend you haven’t talked to in forever and then conversation just picking up where you left it all that time ago. Although in an attempt to get into the right sexshop.com mood I went back and read some old chapters… I think it’s obvious that I’m going to have to re-write a few of the early chapters if I’m actually going to keep coming back to this verse.

As for other stories… I have one with my beta at the moment… and then that stupid sexshop.com chapter that doesn’t really work even though I want it to because I personally think the beginning is so funny… which probably is a big shiny clue that I really isn‘t…. I just can’t fit in a toy… any ideas/requests/DEMANDS!!!? Other then that I have a few ideas… most of my started stories disappeared when my old computer died… and yes, I did learn my lesson the last time it happened… the reason these weren’t backed-up was because it really was only notes… plot ideas scribbled down and nothing substantial.

I’m feeling pretty good about the Librarian and god you must be so tired reading about a story that’s no where to be seen. But… BUT… while in Tanzania, I spent a lot of time chain-smoking and plotting out the entire story… so now I know what’s going to happen… I have it written down in my little note book… now all I have to do is type it… yeah… so…. Introducing THE LIBARAIN premier date MAY 2020.

I don’t really have anything to say… which you didn’t figure out after the first few lines… I just felt like talking to you guys a bit. Sometimes I have this feeling that I’m completely anti-social… but then I do something like this and I think no, not really, I’m just not meet up for a coffee kind of girl… I like this way of meeting people, it’s so liberating. Gender, age, sexuality etc… it all disappears and you don’t have to feel obligated to do anything… if you don’t feel like talking… you don’t have to. It’s on your own term but still it’s equal since it’s the same for everyone. God, I sound completely wasted… it must have been that sip of baileys I poured in my coffee last night… LOL It was my mom’s birthday… 49… She’s almost fifty… but looking at her suddenly fifty seams pretty damn young!

Kisses my lovelies…


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